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- Missy and Jason


Senior Portraits - Lexie

It's time to start meeting our Class of 2012 SENIORS!!!

The school year is just getting started, but for all of our high school seniors this year has been a long time coming! They have so much to look forward to - Homecoming, Senior Fashion Show, Senior Class Trips, Senior Prom, and most importantly - Graduation!! 

We have been blessed again with a super group of kids to represent J. Thomas Photography, and we can't wait for you to meet them.

To start we have Lexie - Lexie is a senior at Patterson Mill High School, where her mom also works and they are both loved by all! Sweet as candy and gorgeous to boot - doesn't get any better than that! :)

Meet Lexie:


Senior Portraits - Natasha

Although we love all of our clients here at J. Thomas Photography (seniors, families, babies, etc), occasionally we get a chance to photograph someone super near and dear to our hearts. This past June was one of those niece Natasha graduated from high school. It's hard to believe that the little russian monkey that I fell in love with the minute she stepped off the plane all of the way from Russia, the little girl that on her first night in her new home had me in stitches gargling her water, and the little girl that laughed her head off every time we mentioned the word giraffe - she is all grown up. She is no longer a russian monkey (but still laughs her head off when you say giraffe) - she is a beautiful young woman. Natasha, you have blessed so many lives with your kind nature and gorgeous smile - we are all so glad it was you who got off that plane and joined our family. We love you! 

Oh yeah - and your senior portraits look amazing! :) :)

Meet Natasha:



Senior Portraits - Gina

Jason thoroughly enjoys shooting Senior Portraits - he likes the fact that every session he shoots is completely different - the personality of the senior has a major influence on the look and feel of the images, which makes every shoot new and fun. Lately he has had a couple of opportunities to shoot seniors that are horse-owners/riders, and this has definitely given him a new challenge to tackle. I have heard (from some parents :) that Jason has shrieked multiple times during these sessions (when the horses bucked I guess :), and Jason himself has told me that working with horses is like working with 2000 lb toddlers :) Needless to say, he has enjoyed the challenge, and Gina's pictures look great! She is super-cute with a gorgeous smile, and her horse is absolutely beautiful as well!

Meet Gina (and Jimmy):




Not Your Grandmother's Wedding Video!!

A while back I posted a link to a fun little wedding music video that was filmed to Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now" - I thought it was such a fun way to record the day! Well just yesterday I saw another wedding video that I love! It was done by David Robin of David Robin Films and is set to the Black Eyed Peas "The Time (Dirty Bit)". First of all, who doesn't love that song? Who doesn't love Dirty Dancing? And who doesn't love fun people that don't take themselves so seriously?!

Take a peek :)

joya and emre | wedding music video from David Robin on Vimeo.



Lifestyle Session - Spencer

Little Spencer is growing up!! Jason has had 3 sessions so far with this little man and his family, and it is SO wonderful to watch him grow! He is absolutely adorable with those great big baby blues!! :)

I love these Lifestyle sessions with Spencer because they capture family-time interactions, along with some adorable Spencer-only portraits. Lifestyle sessions are SO great when you have little ones because as they grow (and they do so so fast!), you tend to forget what it used to be like....the lifestyle sessions give you a reminder of what a day-in-your-life looked like back invaluable!

Hanging out with Spencer: