J. Thomas Photography is MD-based and specializes in weddings, event and lifestyle portraiture. Jason is the photographer (very talented :) and Missy is the brains (just kidding :). We're so excited to share our journey to building a super-duper photography business! Come back often :)



 Who is J.Thomas?

We are a husband and wife team working together to build a first-class photography business. Jason will begin the introductions (he is the photographer, I guess it's only fair he goes first!) :


My name is Jason Thomas Williams.  I don't go by Jason Thomas (I'm not quite that formal) but in order to show the connection between me and the name of my business I thought I'd give you my full name. Now that we're getting to know each other...just Jason will do :)

I am a husband, father, son, brother, uncle, godfather, friend and photographer.  I am married to my middle-school sweetheart (ok, we haven't been dating since middle school, but that's when I fell in love) and have 2 amazing kids and one on the way. Life is good!

I dabbled in photography in high-school, but have come a long way since then. I began shooting weddings professionally in 2004 and have shot hundreds of weddings since. I have also come to love shooting portraits, both in and out of the studio.

To call my wedding style photojournalisitc would simplify it way too much. I do love capturing the moments that mean the most, and I am able to do so without asking brides and grooms to recreate them (my LEAST favorite thing about traditional wedding photography) bit I still like to capture timeless portraits.

My main goal with both my wedding and portrait photography is to take stellar pictures that you will want to look at every day, that make you feel gorgeous or studly (whichever you prefer) and that make you smile.

 Can't wait to meet you!



20070624_0007.jpg Hi!! I'm Missy :) I am a wife, mother (obviously), daughter, sister, aunt, godmother, friend....and not a photographer. Although I don't take pictures, I LOVE to look at them :) I also love to edit them, design with them, and showing them off is a talent of mine!  Since pictures are so important to me (especially with a growing family!) I am a constant reminder to Jason that the customer wants the best and deserves the best. I handle the scheduling, the organizing and I am the best cheer-leading squad of 1 you'll find! I also do most of the blogging (occasionally as a ghost-writer). And once again, although I am not the photographer, I have as much invested in this business as Jason and am very eager to offer the best photography services we can. We are so excited to be on this journey together and we are constantly striving to stay fresh, motivated and to give the best to our clients! We truly look forward to working with you!