J. Thomas Photography is MD-based and specializes in weddings, event and lifestyle portraiture. Jason is the photographer (very talented :) and Missy is the brains (just kidding :). We're so excited to share our journey to building a super-duper photography business! Come back often :)




Thanks for checking us out! Take a look around, if you like what you see, leave us a comment and let us know! If you would like to book a session or have any questions, contact us through the contact page or call us at 443-752-8479. We look forward to hearing from you :)

- Missy and Jason


Bel Air High School Senior Fashion Show - Model Headshots

Jason is photographing the Bel Air High School Senior Fashion show tomorrow (Woo Hoo :). A couple of weeks ago, he photographed headshots for 20 of the models in the show. He only had a couple of minutes with each model, so he wasn't able to change backgrounds or make the pics real diverse, but with the time allotted we think the shots turned out GREAT!

Take a look at the GORGEOUS Bel Air High School Senior Fashion Show Models (Click here to see more!):

If anyone is interested in purchasing any of the images from the model fashion shoots or to view all of the images of each model, click here to visit's website which is the company I use for all of my online viewing/ordering.







DC PUG Meeting

Jason went to his first Pictage User Group (PUG) meeting this past Monday. Pictage is the online viewing/ordering site that we use - we've been using Pictage since September and have seen MANY benefits from it. Justin and Mary Marantz of  Justin Marantz Photography were the guest speakers at the meeting, and they definitely made an impact on Jason :) He came home motivated to work on our marketing, our customer service (and seeing a husband/wife team making it work is always uplifting for us, since that is our end goal)!.

So - it was his first PUG meeting, but he is already planning on going monthly (and I think its a great idea even though he got home REALLY late - those meetings are long :)

Thanks so much to Justin and Mary for speaking, and to Michael and Geoff of MBK & Associates for hosting the event!

**pic stolen from the DC PUG blog! Oh - and my cutie-pie husband Jason is the bald one in the middle of the front row :)






Welcome to our BLOG!

Well here goes nothing.......


We have read EVERYWHERE that the best advertisement for a photography business is a blog (and good work and word of mouth of course) - and although we're pretty sure only my dad will be reading this (hi dad! :), we finally decided to bite the bullet and start one.

Both Jas and I plan on updating the blog, with personal and business entries - whatever we're in the mood for!

Take a look back and see what's going on! This weekend Jason is photographing the Bel Air High School Senior Fashion Show and we have a table at the expo being held before the show, so check back for some posts on that!


Later alligator :)

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