J. Thomas Photography is MD-based and specializes in weddings, event and lifestyle portraiture. Jason is the photographer (very talented :) and Missy is the brains (just kidding :). We're so excited to share our journey to building a super-duper photography business! Come back often :)




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- Missy and Jason


Birthday Shoutout!


 Well I think my Birthday Shoutouts are being cut out of the blog (we have LOTS of family and friends, and I guess Jason's right - this isn't a Birthday Shoutout Blog....I'll have to do Birthday Whispers from now on). BUT - I couldn't not give a Birthday Shoutout to my best friend Heather :) Heather and I have been best friends since middle school, and she has been by my side through thick and thin (as you'll see, I'm thick and she's thin :). We are as different as can be in so many ways, but it works!!! And although we don't see each other often (kids, jobs, lives.....) we'll always be B.F.F :)

 Happy Birthday Heath! Hope you're having a great day! Love you!!

p.s. Heather's husband Nick is also a super-duper photographer - check him out at

 Here is Heather (as my MOH) standing by my side on my wedding day (I had my hair done really high so I wouldn't look so short next to Heath :)



Birthday Shout-Out!


Yup - I said Birthday Shout-Out (cause I'm a big dork and I say things like shout-out and super-duper :) is Lindsay's birthday - Lindsay has been one of my closest friends since first grade, and she is so wonderful! I love her tons and hope she has a FABULOUS birthday!!!! Sorry I can't make it to the Melting Pot - eat a chocolate covered banana for me!

 Here is a picture of me and Lindsay on our way to a girl scout camping trip when we were in 3rd grade (???maybe - I'm not sure exactly).  I'm the one that looks like a boy - I promise you - that's a girl :)


and here's a recent one of Lindsay I stole from her myspace page - looking cute as can be :)


Love you Linds! Happy Birthday!


A Little Bit About Us

Until now we have only posted business-related posts, so we decided to take the plunge and post a personal one :)

**note -  this post is of course for all of the strangers that are going to start reading our blog once J. Thomas Photography becomes a major sucess - hee hee :)

Who are we? We are a husband/wife team trying to build a photography business while raising 2 kids (and one on the way) and keeping the bills paid. Jason is the photographer - the one behind the lens. His work is amazing - He is my absolute favorite photographer - I wish I would have known about him when I got married (ok, just kidding - we hear people say this,  so I wanted to say it too :) Jason is also a stay-at-home-dad. I think he likes both jobs equally (photographer and SAHD). They are both demanding, require a lot of creativity and are VERY rewarding :)

I am NOT the photographer....I am the image editor, the task-master, and the picture-lover (and I make a MEAN collage! - not the one below - that's definitely not my best work). I am also the go-to-worker. I have a full-time job. That's all I have to say about that.....just kidding - my job is rewarding, has great benefits and I love my co-workers. But, I must say, coming home to my buddies (all of them :) is the best part of my day!

 So - that's a little about us. I'm sure we'll post more (and you're going to want to come back because our lives are riveting I tell you...). Here is a brief look at our sweet little family this past year.




C. Milton Wright High School Senior Fashion Show

Thanks to my sister, we found out Monday that the C. Milton Wright Senior Fashion Show was going to be held on Tuesday (tonight). It was last-minute, but since we still had the car packed with the marketing stuff from the show on Sunday, we decided, why not?

This fashion show and vendor expo were pretty low-key, but we still met some great people, made some contacts and had a nice time. Thank you Suzette for extending us a last-minute vendor table!



Bel Air High School Senior Fashion Show

So the Bel Air Senior High School Fashion Show was a success! The models looked BEAUTIFUL, the show was VERY entertaining and our table at the Vendor Expo was a hit :) We received so much positive feedback - it was great! We really enjoyed being part of the event, and will definitely offer our photography services in future years! Thanks so much Deb (if you're reading this) - you did an amazing job!

 Here are some pics of our table setup:




And here are some pics of the actual show! Click here to see more!  If anyone is interested in purchasing images from the show or to view all of the images from the event, click here to visit's website which is the company I use for all of my online viewing/ordering